Graduate Students

I am always open to discussing graduate work with students whose interests fit with the lab, and I enjoy bringing together a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and interests in our lab group. Email me to discuss your interests and career goals!

Graduate Mentoring Philosophy 

I encourage PhD students in my group to be very independent in their research directions, and to not necessarily pursue work on the same study systems as I do. I expect them to be following their own big questions and research goals, preparing them to be independent scientists when they graduate. For those reasons, I look for applicants to have a pretty good idea of what their research and career goals are, and to welcome independence in my lab. At the same time, I look for our interests to overlap strongly enough that the lab is a stimulating and interactive environment for everyone.

Graduate Admission 

I am in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) and our EEB graduate admission information is here. I am also a part of the Genetics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program.

Sources of Funding 

Students in our EEB program are supported by TAships at minimum, if making satisfactory progress (see graduate funding information here). It is always fantastic to secure your own fellowship funding, and I encourage all prospective students to submit applications to relevant fellowship competitions. Some possibilities for incoming students: